The Tom boy hostel life.

Every one dreams of living in hostel for once in their life. Thinking about all that fun that happens in the closed rooms with loud music and crazy laughter coming out of the doors.


The messy room stuffed clothes and books,laptops and headphones,lipsticks and creams, and sexy girls wearing minimal clothes and the messy bed off course.


(Coz this is about a girls hostel)
It’s not that it’s fun all the time ,there are boring rooms when u literally having nothing to do than stare at the celing,nothing to talk to ur room partner though and finally u end up shopping something you do not need and then a dialogue is sure shot to come.. Paisa he Nai hai yaar…


But u also have beautiful evening not at the pub or disc but in the room when u just have nothing but to laugh at stupid topics.
Those crazy evenings when u give advice to other on relationships.
U have those stupid evenings when u search for something horror and end up screaming and shouting band kar band kar.
Those 10000000000…. of selfies which never get uploaded.

All those banging of doors and sitting in the washroom for long to tease others.
It’s a different life all together.
It’s crazy
It’s fun
It’s amazing experience
It’s life moments to remember for ever.




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