The best and the worst.

A time in life when you cannot decide that what happened to you was the best thing that happened or the worst thing.
Dilemma takes over to such a state that you are in a position where you just want the same person to show you,to tell you what’s wrong and what’s right.

But , you do not have that strength to ask for. Hurt to such depth that you do not want to ask for. Pain kills . You start hating that person but that soft corner doesn’t go so easily.
It’s just like two people on your shoulder .The angel and the Devil of you.
The angel knows it’s good for you to stay away and the devil says to get back.

The worst thing in the world is when you don’t even know the reason for all this.

Life is a basket that has all the kinds of fruits in it, the one you like the one you hate ,the one that makes you healthy and the one that spoils.

Choosing the right ones is an important aspect. And we usually select the attractive ones no matter how sour they are from inside.


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