We all know the importance of our great male family or poor family. . Every family needs male child. . The great dominance of a male in the family. . The son who will take forward the whole family. . Bull Shit in todays world. . Absolutely needed beti bachao . . A live example . . As a women who walked in my house ,the women who used to work in my house while i was a small kid . . Now she’s grown old. . She’s got a fledged family of husband,5 SONS and  a daughter…but now her situation. . She lost her husband few years ago. . And her great 5 sons left her too. . Made their own houses with their wives and children..her daughter too got married years ago and went to her husbands place. . In todays world of super deluxe expenses luckily she’s got a house on her own name where she lives all alone at this of 60+…they don’t even give her monthly expenses..her daughter comes once in a while to look after her mother and gives her some money..what a life she must have imagined when she gave birth of 5 sons..her daughter is the one who sends her some money,gave her a cellphone,calls her some time..And now her sons envy her..the one fight and ask their mother to sell of the house in which she lives and share the money among her sons..
Need more sons?
This is only one example. . So many more must be in every chol of India..
The great sons who are just taking forward your blood not you..
Daughter is the one who will look after you,may be she will Go away to some1 else’s home but she will never leave you.
And this is not the story of only small houses. . The stories behind the walls of big houses also revolves around the same thing.. Son will come to look after your assets during your last breath, but daughter will be there to look after you till your last breath.


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