When every1s enjoying am busy struggling with my life. . Crying each day. . Regretting things. . I shouldn’t have done. But what actually in my life did i do? That’s a big question . . Most of the things i did may be as fun i regret them . . I don’t regret few things but i regret leaving them to… I watch every1s pictures on fb ,instagram ,what’sapp dp, twittering. .  Etc etc. .  some wit pets which i don’t have. . Some partying which I’ve not done,some drunk which i don’t do,some abroad which i haven’t been,some wearing sexy dresses posing which am not doing. . Then what am i actually doing? What is my life all about?i don’t understand. . .its such a fluffy plumpy clumsy confusion. . Which I can’t bump into . . Am out here not going out there sitting in this gloomy stupid room with all my stuff here and there with this stupid phone doing NOTHING. but why?
And i really don’t know
WHY. . .


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