Thats a babe

This is to my closest friend Aishee..

Knowing this gal since preuniversity i know that she is a gadbadi,confused[at times],doglover,true hearted,humble and a very very smart girl.
Knowing her is exploring her every day.

She has lots to tell and lots to listen,lots to know and lots to give.
Recently known the fashionoholic
gal in Mumbai…

When i saw her for the first time,knowing that she’s from Mumbai,my thoughts were that This gal is full of stubborn attitude and a gal whose like “oh please,give me a break” but knowing her now for almost 5 years changed everything i thought.

The fashionsta ,shoppaholiccc gal who can do anything not to shop but save a Dogs life..

Truly motivated by me every now and then to go veggie but i don’t know how long that lasts…
We dream together to be right there in Paris when we turn 25..

This crazy women Is a person of love . .

Today is her birthday and i wish her Happiness and success..
what i think about you right now.


Dude Your a star you don’t need any formal education to be a fashion me .

with lots of love and care


HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Aishu…[Aishwarya Acharya]
May you always be happy and all your wishes come true. :-*


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