I drive scooty and i am not a terrorist


We’ve all seen this and many of us do this. . . we tie our face with a scarf . . and the funny part is we are called TERRORIST ..,phulan devi.,daaku. . etc etc. . its not that we want to hide our face .. its the pollution that makes us do so.. we may use the best face wash,sun screen but the dust ,pollution around is so pathetic that it makes you feel like you feel like a layer of face pack is been applied on yours face if you go out without a scarf.Its often mistaken that its tied by girls who go out with their boys and don’t want others to know that its them . .crazy ppl. .
the amount of pollution has increased to such a level that now i feel even the scarf can’t save my skin from developing pimples..
Before i want my skin to breath by driving in the air but now my skin will die if i let it breath the polluted dust..
No Solution for this problem created by us itself. . .

Imagine if plants gave wifi signals. .
we Would plant so many of them . .
Too bad they only give the oxygen we breath. .


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