Chocolate OVER sponge

Chocolate seems to be the yummiest thing in the world,and when its poured over something spongy it definitely brings H2O in our mouth..
This is a simple recipe of a chocolate cake that will surely make you feel…”Oh i can cook”
So take out your apron on get started. .

Very simple things that you will Find in the store beside your home for a nearing half (more o less) kilograms of cake.
1. two cups All purpose flour (maida)
2.1tblspoon Baking powder
3.a little less than half a cup vegetable oil (cooking oil)
4.1teaspoon coffee powder
5.1tblspoon coco powder (you may also use Bournvita,chocolate drink powder)
6.a cup of milk and a half to two cups of powdered sugar(you may grind the sugar at home)
8.a few pieces cooking chocolate(compound bar) or any chocolate bar .
10.butter paper
So once you’ve assembled all the above what you need to do is
take a bowl and add all the ingredients from 1to 7 and mix them ..check the ratio of milk added..and make a shouldn’t be very thin o very think..
do not keep any lumps mix for a smooth batter.
line mould wit very little oil and shape the butter paper inside the mould..and pour the batter in the mould..
preheat your microwave on convention at 180 degrees and place the mould wit batter inside..
bake for 40min on convention .
take out the cake and insert a knife at the center of the cake if the knife comes out clean your cake it ready.
let it cool.
In a bowl melt the pieces of chocolate bar.
once the cake is cool pour the molten chocolate and spread it evenly on the cake also on the sides and refrigerate it for half hour.

Your cake is ready.


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