Friends for life time.

Friends..the word that describes a Big part of your life.Friends,good friends ,best friends,hi-bye friends,namesake friends…so many kinds of friends..but the best ones are those bitchy friends..who know the worst part of you,who have seen the ugliest face of yours but still love you .

They are one who may not support you all the time but will stand by you even when your wrong.They are not the one who rate each other,they are the who rate others together..They are the one who click each others pictures not when your looking beautiful but your looking the ugliest.They are the one whom you will remember when your 90, telling your grand children the story of your life.They are the one who will give their grand entry in all of you stories.

There comes a time in life when Life moves on by a rapid speed and you are forced to move on ,you make new friends but those new friends can never take place of those bitches with whom you’ve spent the most wonderful time of your life.
Those bitches may be selfish ,rude,arrogant,stubborn at times atlas they are Bitches,but they are the one you will love always..
This post is dedicated to all those bitchy friends of mine.

I miss you all..very much
Love you guys.


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