Love is a good thing right?
It is love!
So beautiful!
Then why is it a crime in India?
why is it given such a bad designation?
love is . . something… so good can’t be explained.
then why?
why is it made so bad?
why is it a CRIME-?
Is it better to live wit a person you love ,you know o wit a person whom you don’t love yet and don’t even know anything about .. a complete stranger!
And this is so strange.
if anybody marries someone  they love ,everybody should be happy that they will LIVE HAPPY.
Rather than that, the society has to give them and their parents a bad name
why that??
Its their life ,it has to be their choice.
Atlas its the matter of whole life nearly 70 years ahead
its so strange ! that people over here are so strange…!!
ya there are some conditions which parents want . . just because they want their child to be happy and not c any trouble. . but when those conditions are fulfilled then why? why NO ?
feels pathetic thinking all this!!Crime-against-humanity tumblr_n76ga6Q4Bt1rr4xp5o1_500


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