Home made neem Body wash


Its simple to make a body wash.
Every body likes to keep their skin clean and healthy. We buy different soaps with fragrance ,colour ,shape etc but the content is what matters. Some soaps make our skin dry and rough and some make them oily and we spend loads of money in buying expensive soaps for a healthy skin.so why waste your money now when you can make your own healthy soap at a very cheap cost and which is also healthy.
Things which you Will need are

1.A soap may be dove or johnsons baby or a medicinal one like medimix .you can also use those small pieces of soap left out every week which is not enough for you to use and you take out k new one.
2.2 to 3 glasses of water
3.glycerine ( available at medical stores)
4. A container to store the soap
5. Neem leaves
First what you Will have to do it wait. . . .
You need to let the neem leaves dry,just for a day..they dry very soon.
Second what you need to do is
Grind the leaves in a grinder til they turn powder.
Third grate your soap o if you have those small pieces of your left out soap put them in a heating pan or container.
Fourth add two big glasses of water To it add more if you feel its less and keep it on flame
Fifth stir it continuously til the soaps melt completely ,then add glycerine and neem powder which you made to it and keep stirring and let it boil
Sixth after two or three boils when you feel the liquid is thick turn off the flame and let it cool.
Your body wash is ready
Grab a container and pour the liquid in it once when it is cool.


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